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Spray Tan

85% sustainable + 100% inclusive spray tans offering custom & boutique experienced tanning sessions

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Green Opal Salon exclusively carries and uses Kevin Murphy products. Each stylist is in control of their own pricing, and can provide you with a detailed price list.

  • All solutions, creams, and boosters are certified organic, derived from natural ingredients from natural botanicals, and are Peta certified

  • 85% of materials are biodegradable, recycled, or repurposed 

  • All solution is Rapid with a 4 hour bake time 

  • All formulas are 100% customized to client's skin type, skin tone, and personal preference 

The Copper Kitty Facts:



  • Waxing, massages, nails, shaving etc. should be completed 24 hours prior to spray

  • Gently exfoliate your skin the day before your spray session to shed dead skin and prepare skin for DHA reception 

  • Arrive to your tan without makeup, lotion, deodorant, or perfume

  • Wear loose fitted clothing to your session. Avoid bras, tight clothing (no leggings), light clothing, and tennis shoes


  • Remain in loose clothing during your entire "bake time"

  • Drink lots of H2O and stay hydrated to help your skin retain the tan better

  • Avoid activities that include excessive sweating and exposure to water before your first rinse 

  • Do not apply any lotions, body oils, or perfume before your first rinse 

  • Do not shower before your designated rinse time

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